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 Silver Bullet  Silver Bullet   My agile approach -fill in name of approach- is best   My agile approach -fill in name of approach- is best

You will be told by your peers, your management and your colleagues that agile processes, and therefore the techniques in this Toolkit, are unlikely to work for a whole host of reasons. We will try, as best we can, to go through the most popular myths and legends within this section. This section ends with the legendary, and often final, comment that Agile Sucks.

 My agile approach -fill in name of approach- is best 
 Agile iterations are too short 
 Large companies dont do agile 
 Distributed development teams dont do agile 
 We manage tight in waterfall 
 Agile projects are only small 
 Agile people have special powers 
 Agile methods dont mix 
 Agile is just Projects by Postcards 
 You need loads of training to do Agile 
 Agile is a just standing up in groups 
 Agile has no requirements gathering 
 Scope is not important in Agile 
 Waterfall Scope is the same 
 Agile projects have no scope 
 Agile projects are just managed scope creep 
 Agile is the Communist Union for Developers 
 Agile is just for programmers 
 Agile is just religion with a little science 
 Agile is just doing stuff fast 
 All projects are a shambles 
 Agile sucks 

 Silver Bullet     Silver Bullet   My agile approach -fill in name of approach- is best    My agile approach -fill in name of approach- is best

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The Myths and Misconceptions


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