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We have looked at the Project Money. Now is the time to look at how we maintain quality.

Quality in this instance also touches on the subjects of scope and project requirements but it is important to confirm and clarify that the quality of our project is determined, monitored and validated by our stakeholders.

Those project managers who have already delivered agile solutions will instantly recognise this concept. We will explain this a little further.

Without going into the detail of the terminology surrounding the various types of quality we still need to understand what is quality and why are we trying to deliver it.

Quality can mean different things to different people and this is why it needs defining on your project. Quality may be the measure by which we confirm if our project has achieved its scope.

It may also be the measure used to confirm if a project achieved its requirements. So, has the project achieved its scope and requirements?

In traditional projects, this question is posed and a decision routinely achieved in a workshop with senior stakeholders. This is driven by the quality manager and often termed the quality review. It is typically performed late on in the project, sometimes performed just once immediately prior to delivery. It is the job of the quality manager to elicit comments from the senior stakeholders and, as a result of this debate and questioning, to confirm alignment and compliance with the scope and requirements stated originally for the project.

There are a number of comments you would wish to make, on reviewing the traditional approach to quality review, we feel. Firstly, checking quality just once is almost certainly not enough. Developments are changing rapidly, so quality needs checking regularly. Checking quality just before you go live is not brave, it is cavalier and foolhardy. Let us do it differently. Let us check Quality Every Minute.


 Estimate Management     Estimate Management   Quality Every Minute    Quality Every Minute

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The Project Quality


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