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We have looked at the Project Quality and the Project Money. Let us now concern ourselves with Time.

Management of time is an important element in all projects but in the Toolkit management of time is central and influential to the whole success of the project.

During time management the project will use and deploy the important technique: timeboxing.

This technique and the techniques of project planning are dealt with in full and appropriate detail elsewhere in the Toolkit.

Therefore, we will not expand on this here.

For the purposes of a swift overview, we plan the timeboxes based on estimates, we fix the end dates of the timeboxes and the whole project.

Then we deliver the timeboxes in sequence and ultimately the project based on these estimated fixed end dates.

But we do this decisively with strength and without deviation. It is the management of time that is important, not measurement.

Spending time measuring various time elements of a project, after the opportunity to positively influence the project has gone, is an opportunity missed. The measurement of time is important to assist the management of time.

The detail of the process and the mechanisms are in the relevant section and once you master the timeboxing technique you have an important project time management skill under control.


 Agile and Achievement     Agile and Achievement   Measurement of Time    Measurement of Time

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The Project Time


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