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Timeboxing is a time management technique used across the agile development spectrum. It is a technique that is deployed to ensure a parcel of work designed to achieve a defined objective is delivered at a preset end date and that the end date is fixed, set in stone and never extended. Time boxing relies on accurate estimating and the Time boxing results are more successful when accurate low level estimating is conducted.

Initial prioritisation of the products to be delivered in time box is conducted as well as continual assessment of the teams ability to deliver the remainder of the timebox. Therefore, low level products can be delivered with a significant measure of confidence to agreed timescales. This assurance of low level delivery is the foundation stone that guarantees the whole time-box is delivered on time and so is the remainder of the project.

Time boxing is an important technique as it maintains the focus of the team at its most important factor: the delivery time. It enables a regular assessment of project progress and demonstrates that the development is delivering to plan. It encourages the project team by demonstrating clear achievement and enhances the confidence of the team to continue to deliver and, importantly, to deliver in this fashion.

Time boxing also helps to limit the over enthusiasm of the team and team members, maintain motivation towards the end date and reduce wasted effort on unnecessary functionality. Furthermore, it communicates to your senior management and other teams that the delivery is on target, on time and to budget.

Time boxing demands that the planning stages of the project have subdivided the work into short parcels. It also demands that the parcels are easy to estimate and swift to develop. The whole project itself is a time box with a start date and an end date. The management of the time box is also an important feature of the Time boxing technique.


 Techniques Introduction     Techniques Introduction   Time box management    Time box management

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