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The Training Plan is built up in draft format in collaboration with delivery partners within a Delivery Planning workshop and is augmented as the development progresses. The Training Plan is the projects agreed, documented proof of the approach to satisfy the training needs of the organisation following deployment of the solution. Due to the unique way we deliver using the Toolkit and because we have business and user personnel embedded on the team, the organisation will start to learn (and thus train on) the solution before deployment and begin to learn about it as the development progresses. This minimises the ultimate training cost and reduces the effort required later. These are yet more examples of waste reduction and improved cost management within the Toolkit.

The Training Plan contains the scope of training, the organisational groups and people to be trained, the types of training, materials, schedule and prospectus for each training event or course as well as the roles and responsibilities of the training personnel. The Training Plan is augmented as development is adjusted and as the shipments emerge into the delivery of the deployed solution. This is done so that the full and timely training needs of the organisation are satisfied for the delivery date and so no important personnel are awaiting vital training after deployment. No Training Plan is needed if training is simple or if training is not required for your project. There is no sense in producing documents that nobody will read.


 Release Plan     Release Plan   Project Planning    Project Planning

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