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 Agile Governance Gap  Agile Governance Gap   Problem and Solution   Problem and Solution

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We all hear companies, corporations and organisations announce their mission statement in glorious self important fashion but these are often heroic near baloney claims that almost never get read, let alone implemented. So The Big Agile Toolkit has done away with the mission statement and embraces what we prefer to call an Undertaking, a clearly defined responsibility, to deliver organisational performance improvement by providing the following.

A pragmatic repeatable agile delivery framework to empower collaborative teams to evolve and deliver appropriate agreed solutions to specific priority business change requests with minimal ceremony, in the optimal time without exceeding budgeted cost.

All change has some element of the unknown about it, like the important baffling questions facing todays society such as what do druids do in the woods at night and do fairies exist? By using The Big Agile Toolkit you will not get answers to these questions but you will minimize the opportunity for project failure, reducing the operational budget, removing the unknowns on change projects and turning your change strategy into agreed statements that your change project can deliver.

You will make your own choice about the method you choose and the method you use to deliver your solutions. All methods offer some form of Solution. But before we select a Solution, we need to know what the Problem is. Let us see how we define the Problem and the Solution.


 Agile Governance Gap     Agile Governance Gap   Problem and Solution    Problem and Solution

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