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 Agile transformation planning  Agile transformation planning   Overcoming Barriers to Agile   Overcoming Barriers to Agile

Empowerment has long been viewed as a risky strategy especially by managers more used to power and control rather than delegating responsibilities for efficiency. Empowerment can be seen to be dangerous and, in your organisation, may be dangerous to even announce that you plan to do it. It is ironic that the words empowerment and control can be said to be synonymous and different at the same time.

They are synonymous because when you have empowerment you also have control.

However, when you seek control you adopt a position that resists empowerment so the meaning of the word becomes an opposite. The debates around the topics of empowerment and control are at the height of importance in the field of medicine where the involvement of a patient as an active agent is paramount especially to allow them the power to influence the care of their illness. In the construction industry, the relationship between psychological empowerment and job performance has been investigated and revealed that empowered employees demonstrate positive performance attributes which lead towards organisational performance improvement. So, if empowerment is important and it works, why object to it?


 Agile transformation planning     Agile transformation planning   Overcoming Barriers to Agile    Overcoming Barriers to Agile

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