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 User Requirements and Shipments  User Requirements and Shipments   User Story Capture   User Story Capture

We use user requirements to develop functionality by first deploying an agile technique. The preparation of user stories is one of the primary development methods used by Scrum and Extreme Programming (XP) project teams.

They are used to give further important precision to requirements so they can be developed and delivered. A typical user requirement might be Deliver a system to allow mobile sales personnel to monitor stock levels so they can capture customer orders supported by real stock that we can reliably deliver.

This is a sincere laudable objective from a business perspective but it is almost impossible to develop as it involves so much that we must first explore and understand further.

In a traditional project we would go away with that statement and then perform a systems analysis exercise on it to decompose the statement and clarify the true requirements. We would seek to identify the real problem or opportunity before we perform instant design of a solution. However, in the Toolkit we use base agile principles of collaboration and get the user team involved straight away to kick off a process to capture the user requirements into user stories.


 User Requirements and Shipments     User Requirements and Shipments   User Story Capture    User Story Capture

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User Requirements and Stories


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