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 User Requirements and Stories  User Requirements and Stories   Capture in workshop   Capture in workshop

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We have found the best way to perform this is in a workshop. Call it a user requirements workshop as this promotes more attendance and participation from the business community than calling it a User Story Workshop. In our experience, the term User Story Workshop will not convey the right message. We find that our business partners feel it conjures up ideas of a warm cosy heavily cushioned room where attendees are related a relaxing bedtime tale. You want lots more contribution from your user community than that, so let us get underway and see how we do this.

The first thing to say is that there is some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that this is not an exact science and the good news is that this means you are not going to, or are meant to, get it right first time. As with all challenges in projects, practise and experience help and count for a great deal and this is especially the case with agile projects.

Therefore, every time you perform capture, you are increasing your practice and experience. This will benefit both you and your projects and can only be seen as a good thing. So, let us have a look at your user requirements workshop.


 User Requirements and Stories     User Requirements and Stories   Capture in workshop    Capture in workshop

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User Story Capture


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