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If you are working with a team that has delivered agile projects before, probably inside this landscape, and is both confident and experienced with the process you will probably take on the delegating style of coaching. Remember this is a team that works well together and you do not want to upset the process or tip the balance. The team will plan, uncover and make day by day decisions and expect the coach to help with the important ancillary management tasks such as removing obstructions to the progress of the project and making sure the overall focus of the agile project is directed towards the big picture. This type of coaching is required more and more nowadays as project managers gain more and more agile expertise and as they are asked to take on more and more agile projects.

Managers and practitioners running experienced teams within agile projects will invariably be demonstrating a high velocity activity with a high performance team already. A singular feature of high performance team is that they always demonstrate acutely accurate, as well as blameless and seamless communications. Let us start to uncover this topic.


 Teams with Some Experience     Teams with Some Experience   Communication    Communication

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