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Now, you will tell this eagerly awaiting mass of people the deliverables you are going to complete today. You also need to tell the team what other work you are doing which, although it is not going to deliver today, will deliver in the near future.

So it might be, for example, that you have agreed to meet the business sponsor today to release the next round of funding for the project. So, you tell the Daily Forum this information. Everyone hears it. Everyone knows that a decision about funding for the next stage of the project is anticipated today. They know that they will find out if funding arrived, at tomorrows Daily Forum. They only have to wait 24 hours and do not need to e-mail people on the project or to bother people outside the project to uncover this information.

Again, we are giving the team the whole information and we are delivering that information as soon as anyone on the project knows about it. So they do not need to waste time searching round trying to find it for themselves.

You know what is being worked on by every team member. You do not know and do not need to know the lowest level of detail about what they are doing. You are only interested to learn about the deliverables they will produce. But the important result of using the Daily Forum, rather than any other communication device, is that it is a single one stop shop for the project status. Nothing goes on, that the Daily Forum does not know about. Moreover, anything that is not said at the Daily Forum, assume it is not happening.

This is a powerful message for all team members. Anything that goes on is communicated here. Anything they do not know, about the project, they ask it at the Daily Forum. Anything they want the project to know they tell it to the Daily Forum. If they do not ask and do not tell; they will not learn and will not know.

Furthermore, an important idea to communicate is that of our assumptions. On traditional projects we assume all manner of things. Quite naively, we assume this or that is going to turn up or such person or another is going to deliver this or that deliverable. Assumptions however can be dangerous theories, especially if they do not dependably deliver. The Daily Forum is the place to test your assumptions. It is a portentous yet gleeful event to experience when an assumption so genuinely announced is met by an equal assortment of cautious shift-eyed glances and dim dismal stares. It is fun to see your assumption bring such a comical response but disappointing that the assumption is not going to happen, evidently.

Bring your assumptions to the Daily Forum and make sure your team members do so also. Document them and duly manage them, on the RAID Log. You know it makes sense.


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