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So, the project manager describes what deliverables they have completed, personally, as at 10:30 AM. So it might be, for example, that you were charged to agree when another team was ready to decommission its assessment environment. Let us say you agreed that question with the team yesterday afternoon and that the assessment environment will be ready to be handed over at lunchtime. So, you tell the Daily Forum this. Everybody hears it. Everybody knows that the assessment environment is ready at lunchtime. They know who to come to if it does not appear or if it is not there by lunchtime. They do not need to e-mail people to find out that information. They do not need to wander around the building to find people with that information. They do not need to seek through reports or read a project library or wait for a weekly or monthly status report. They have that information now. Furthermore, they have the information directly from the person responsible. By communicating in this clear and unambiguous manner to all team members, we reduce unnecessary wasted effort.


 Daily Forum Process     Daily Forum Process   What am I doing today    What am I doing today

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