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For the purposes of the Toolkit a programme is a group or collection of related projects. The relationship of these projects is not important however a programme anticipates some level of interdependency between projects.

So the projects have some meaning together some relationship and one or more projects depend on the deliverables from other projects. For the purposes of the Toolkit, although we appreciate they are very different roles, we treat a project manager and programme manager in the same way. The Toolkit will deliver your projects to budget and will provide the same guarantees for budget, time and quality for your programmes.

Your programmes will be delivered to budget when the subordinate projects are delivered to budget yet the management tasks differ.

Project management is the discipline that allows project goals and objectives to be delivered by the successful combination of planned managed resources. Projects by their very nature are many and various; so too are the project management methods that support them.

The Toolkit is not the place to explore all of these methods or in fact any of these methods in the detail needed for comparative analysis.

Your favourite search engine will provide that and all the details about them for free if you are academically inclined to unravel them. Suffice it to say that we will be adopting a different project management method that works with the Toolkit and delivers your projects to budget. Now we must decide which project we want to try first.


 What is a Project     What is a Project   Choose the project    Choose the project

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What is a Programme


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