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 Workshop participants  Workshop participants   Preparing workshop participants   Preparing workshop participants

You need a workshop briefing document or agenda. This should identify and outline in some detail the statements of objectives for the workshop. A couple of lines of introduction followed by the objectives in a list are fine. You will describe why we are having this workshop. You will describe its background, purpose and the benefits you wish to explore. You will describe what it is the workshop will produce i.e. the deliverables. State what they are and you can go into more detail on the day of the workshop.

You will define the scope of the workshop. Describe the organisational departments and functions that will be included as part of the investigation and debate surrounding the workshop. It is important, however, to also state the key areas that you will not debate as part of the workshop.

Defining describe who the workshop owner is and whom the workshop participants are. You will define the assumptions and prerequisites for the workshop. So, you are saying what you expect the participants to bring to the workshop in the area of expertise and knowledge whilst ensuring that they agreed to seek the sanction for the time used to attend the workshop, from their management. You are also describing what background reading and other work the participants will do before the workshop.

Do not forget to include details of refreshments and coffee breaks. You anticipate the professional involvement of the workshop participants, so this should not be a torture.


 Workshop participants     Workshop participants   Preparing workshop participants    Preparing workshop participants

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