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 Workshop preparation  Workshop preparation   Workshop deliverables   Workshop deliverables

Workshop objectives should be treated like any objectives. They should be SMART.

S stands for specific. They should be exact and not ambiguous. They will be pertinent and precise. S may also stand for significant, stretching and simple.

M stands for measurable. We need a measure for the objective. We will be able to quantify it, determine is it been achieved and assess. M may also stand for meaningful, motivational and manageable.

A stands for achievable. The objective will be a defined mission that is possible not impossible. It will be realistic, viable, doable and an objective that can actually be reached. They can also stand for appropriate, achievable, agreed, actionable, assignable and ambitious.

R stands for relevant. They objective will be pertinent and related to the project. R also stands for realistic, results based, resourced and rewarding.

T stands for time based. Whatever it is you wish to achieve, it cannot go on forever. It will have a delivery date and the foggy time based. T also stands for time bound, time framed, time boxed, tangible and (our favourite) traceable. You will know when this is complete.

They can also be SMARTER.

E stands for evaluate. You will be able to appraise and assess the objective; it cannot just be an idea that has no estimate price. It can also stand for ethical.

R stands for re-evaluate. You should be old to reassess the objective at some point in the future and see if it is still relevant, or smart.

Watch out how you mix these various combinations of adjectives to assure you do not duplicate any concepts. There is also an alternatively used mnemonic: DUMB. This strives for objectives which are doable, understandable, manageable and beneficial. Our advice is to choose your preferred mnemonic and go straight into battle.


 Workshop preparation     Workshop preparation   Workshop deliverables    Workshop deliverables

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