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 Management Commitment  Management Commitment   Workshop briefing document   Workshop briefing document

You will agree with the workshop owner how many people are going to attend and who they are. Do you need just for people? Is that a workshop? What about 12 people? Is that a workshop? What about 24 people? What about 100 people or is this more of a nightmare?

Certainly a number between six and 16 is where we should be headed. Now let us look at selecting the participants. You have to consider, with the workshop owner, have you made sure that all geographical locations or sites have been included? Is there a branch, department, small part of the company or a small island somewhere in the world that is normally omitted or forgot? You have to consider have you covered all the responsibilities for all of the important functions. Have you included the testing team? Do you have a library function that archives your project documentation after the close of your project? Are they involved too?

Are you going to include some real customers of the business area? Maybe even people outside of the organisation? You will make the consideration, reach a decision, agree it and document it is necessary. This way, there is evidence that you gave it your consideration.

You want to consider the same question, but for the suppliers and other areas of influence to the business. Do you have a third-party supplier that is not normally included in projects, maybe until too late? Do you want to involve them now? Ask someone, if you are not sure. Then make your decision, agreeing with the workshop owner and document it.

You will, however, make sure that your participants are appropriate, available, and empowered and have important issues they can help resolve. To ensure that you keep the workshop to a manageable number of attendees you will try and ensure you do not duplicate the authority of one part of the organisation or involve its un-empowered middlemen rather than its influencers. Beware also; there may be late breaking requests for attendance at your workshop by persons who wish to bring hidden agendas or chaos. If you can uncover this before the workshop, it will be easier to deal with. However, later on, we do look at how you can handle this if they gatecrash your party.


 Management Commitment     Management Commitment   Workshop briefing document    Workshop briefing document

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