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 Workshop room Layout  Workshop room Layout   Who is accountable   Who is accountable

You will consider the size and shape of the room. You will make sure that this is adequate for the purposes of the workshop. You will consider the lighting available. You will need lighting that you can reduce, dim or turn off completely if you have a presentation onto a screen. You will consider the communications available. Do you need access to the Internet? If so, is this available via network and does not require a username and password to log into the network?

Is your room in an area where you have significant outside noise? Visit the area, if you can. See whether there is construction or significant work taking place outside or in the vicinity. You have to consider direct or indirect interruptions that may occur. Your workshop room may have glass walls and your workshop is constantly interrupted by people walking by. The room may have a cupboard which contains equipment or other unique supplies that demand entrance to your room and further interruption.

Consider the time of year and the climate. Can you draw the curtains if the sun is streaming through the windows? You will need air conditioning will be able to open the windows if the heat from the climate and the participants gets too unpleasant.

You will have a look at the walls and see whether you can pin up specific paperwork, as required. Consider the number and the suitability of the chairs and seating. Do you have the equipment you require for the workshop and sufficient power and lights for the equipment? If not, be prepared and take appropriate supplies.

Finally, you will consider what materials you require, stationery, photocopying, slides, electronic files, charts, room access and setup time, security passes car parking for yourself and the attendees as well as any administrative support the important catering. All these issues are important and need to be checked whether you are delivering your workshop on site in your own organisation or whether you choose to deliver your workshop in an off-site conference room or hotel facility.


 Workshop room Layout     Workshop room Layout   Who is accountable    Who is accountable

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