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For your project, your project costs are your costs and nobody elses. You need to establish what your project costs are and identify any costs that you and your project are not going to cover or accommodate. You need to make sure you are not carrying anyone elses costs or contributing to anyone elses project. This can be quite a task to uncover and to get right with absolute confidence.

This is especially the case if you have only recently arrived in your organisation or have not performed a costs assessment before. In this scenario, assume you will not get the project costs equation to work in your favour all the time or to your maximum benefit. Put out the message that you are starting to look very deeply at your project costs and that you are validating which costs you will support and which you will not. If you also communicate that you are going to publicly launch any extraneous costs back to their owners, this is a good first marker to establish. You carry no passengers and no passengers fares.

In the Toolkit we assume that you are starting a project from scratch. However, oftentimes you are air lifted into a failing project and assigned the task to recover the possibility of wasted investment and the likelihood of lost benefits. In this scenario there will already have been project activity and these activities will have burned resources. These resources are part of the project before you were dropped into the danger zone.

There may have been costs already assigned to this project or there may not have been. It is best to find out as early as possible whether part of the budget has already been spent. If it has been spent, then document what has been spent, on what purchases or charges and the date it was spent. If you cannot locate the detail of this information, this tells you an important fact.

The project is probably not monitoring its spend accurately. This information should be noted and picked up in the Setup Planning Workshop. We address the Setup stage and Setup Planning Workshop elsewhere in the Toolkit.

When you come to measure your success after the end of the project you can reliably discount and remove these costs from the equation. In this way your project is measured on its financial merits and not those of anothers wanton or unsuccessful spending.

Using The Big Agile Toolkit, there are no passengers on your project and you will only cover the fare of valuable contributors. Now that is out of the way, let us look at the important topic of quality.


 Your Budget     Your Budget   Your Quality    Your Quality

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