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You will define a series of acceptance criteria and document these for the deliverables and requirements on the project. This is done to specify the level of quality your project demands. This is confirmed to agree and communicate up front how you will determine what looks good and what does not look good from a quality perspective. This will minimize the subjective nature of validating and agreeing the project deliverables.

These will define, at a granular level, the degree of quality for individual items. You will also define the concept of quality across the project. This is what you mean by quality and how it will be delivered.

You will explore the projects readiness to accept quality audits by business team members as well as technical team members.

Uncovering the challenges now will save headaches in the future. Quality is inherent in agile projects and those who state anything to the contrary either have not delivered a truly agile project or they have some opposing axe grinding away in the background.

Talk about quality early on in the project and reveal all rebellious or uncooperative stakeholders. Make your dedication to quality clear and show your doubters the Toolkit paragraph called  Quality Every Minute . If this does not change their mind, it is unlikely anything will. In this instance, ignore them and move on. They will reappear later in the project and you can deal with them then. Let us look at the estimating elements of your project.


 Your Costs     Your Costs   Your Estimates    Your Estimates

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