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Risks are your problem on your project. Risks will always occur, you will always have risk and you will always experience risk outcomes.

The most skilful management approach is to identify the risks and put in place a detection regime to monitor them. Then you will activate defence systems when a risk detection takes place and isolate the risk to ensure its impact is minimised elsewhere. Then you will instigate the very important repair systems to fix the risk and repair any holes in the project processes or in the individuals on the project to make sure the risk does not return.

Whatever specific mechanisms you establish, the trick is to manage risks daily and tightly. We debate the proposed mechanism for this in the section on the Daily Forum.

So, we know that risks must be managed actively on a project but they are often left to chance.

In our humble opinion, this is a dangerous approach and must be avoided. It is safer for the project to spend some time investigating the risks and identifying your opportunities to mitigate them.

The Toolkit presents the management of risks as a daily exercise that is performed as part of our daily communications assignments.

You will see the management of risks has particular responsibilities and becomes easier the more it is performed.

Take a look at the section on the Risk Workshop. This is your opportunity to uncover the likely risks on a project before it all starts to go pear shaped and before the small risks become serious ones. Now while we are considering some forward planning, let us look into this subject next.


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Your Risks


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