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 From Strategy To Delivery  From Strategy To Delivery   Your Scope   Your Scope

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You will define, agree and communicate the strategy for your programme, project or transformation. This is to ensure your team and especially your management team know it, understand it and agree with it.

Your strategy is your long-term plan for generating success.

So, you will identify and define two specific things: what defines long-term and what defines success.

Is the strategy meant to be realised within the bounds of this project or, often the case, are the time scales longer? If they are longer we will need to define the schedule involved and to define those strategic elements delivered first and those to be delivered later.

How do we measure success and what are the individual critical success objectives that we are measuring?

These are important factors in the process to realise the benefits offered by the project, to establish what they are, how they will be realised and when that process can end.

We use the Lifecycle within the Toolkit to manage the conversion of strategic objectives into recognisable requirements, into a series of stories managed by a Prioritised Story Board and into a set of deliverables produced in each of the stages and phases. But we are getting ahead of ourselves and you will see later in the Toolkit how we will achieve this. Now let us look at the next topic to take us from Strategy to Delivery, your project scope.


 From Strategy To Delivery     From Strategy To Delivery   Your Scope    Your Scope

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Your Strategy


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